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National Parks T1D Road Trip

Welcome! I'm Jeremy, a Type 1 diabetic driving around the United States for three months to visit National Parks, inspire others to get out and have fun without fear, and raise money for JDRF, the world's leading T1D research organization.

THE STATS: Today (May 24, 2017) is Day 49 of 90. I'm currently in Taos, NM (as of yesterday). I've visited 17 parks and driven 8,000+ miles so far. The trip has raised $410 for JDRF, which is 17% of the goal.

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Articles: National Parks T1D Road Trip

Day 40

Day 40: A tour of Mammoth Cave without a blood sugar check

I was worried how my blood sugar would behave on a tour of Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. Help was eight hours away but it all went pretty smoothly.

Day 38

Day 38: The lower and greener side of Great Smoky Mountains NP

Not every National Park in the United States is an expanse of stunning desert formations or thick green forest. In fact, not all of them are even on the surface of the planet: some like Mammoth Cave in... Read More

Day 31

Day 31: All trees and no mosquitos in Congaree National Park

On a visit to Congaree NP the weather couldn't have been better or the wildlife more behaved. We even got off the walkway and ventured into the swamp primeval.

Day 30

Day 30: An American history lesson at Castillo de San Marcos NM

You can get a completely non-boring, hands-on (and ears-on) history lesson at Castillo de San Marcos NM, a fort in St. Augustine, Florida. Even nicer in perfect weather, too.

Day 29

Day 29: Uncaring seagulls at Canaveral National Seashore

I ended up with an extremely high blood sugar today, and it was because of a stupid mistake. Thankfully, Canaveral National Seashore was awesome enough to distract me.

Day 26

Day 26: Oh the diabetic rage in Apalachicola National Forest

Perfect blood sugars before bed didn't last the night tent camping in Apalachicola in NW Florida. And I didn't handle it gracefully, temperamentally speaking.

Day 23

Day 23: Nothing like swamp-walking to fix high blood sugar

Not every National Park in the United States is an expanse of stunning desert formations or thick green forest. In fact, not all of them are even on the surface of the planet: some like Mammoth Cave in... Read More

Day 21

Day 21: Remember the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

A tour of The Alamo and San Antonio Missions Natural Historical Park was a nice change of pace from the scenic Parks so far on this trip. Too bad about that BG though.

Day 18

Day 18: Winds blow BG higher in Big Bend National Park

Despite some hardships – natural, human, and diabetic – camping in Big Bend National Park was one of the most restful nights of the road trip so far.

Day 14

Day 14: Guadalupe Mountains NP, good BGs and spectacular stars

Spending the night in a tent in Guadalupe Mountains National Park not only straightened out my diabetes for the day, it gave me a stellar sky show.

Day 13

Day 13: The diabetes cowboy in Carlsbad Caverns National Park – yeehaw!

Intense exercise directly after an insulin shot is daunting, but I got through it almost perfectly on a trip to wondrous Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

Day 12

Day 12: Sand-blind at White Sands National Monument

I was blinded by the sun's glare and my BG was a little high but an afternoon at White Sands National Monument was like a mesmerizing trip to some alien beach.

Day 11

Day 11: Why you should get the hell off the interstate

Longer, less-efficient, slower, and much more beautiful: small highways are definitely better than big interstates when you're on an epic road trip like this one!

Day 11

Day 11: Hot insulin and tall cacti in Saguaro National Park

Keeping insulin cool in Saguaro National Park is a challenge but worth the trouble: these cartoonish and gigantic cactus plants are an unbelievable sight.

Day 9

Day 9: The art of Ajo and chilly desert observatories

Roller-coaster blood sugars didn't diminish the excitement of an artists' oasis in the Arizona desert and a vast collection of observatories high above an Indian reservation.

Day 9

Cactus vs. sky at Organ Pipe

I had both the lowest and highest blood sugars of the trip so far at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, but it was still an extraordinary camping experience.

Day 8

A lizard beckons us towards ancient desert petroglyphs

On a side trip to see some ancient Native American petroglyphs in southern Arizona, I met a lizard and got a great blood sugar reading thanks to a kindly cactus.

Day 6

The whole world in two hours, courtesy of Southern California

From a dusty little box canyon to lush green vineyards to a low saline sea to wild, unforgiving desert sand dunes, southern California said goodbye in style.

Day 6

Sun, moon, and cacti: Joshua Tree National Park

Camping plans didn't work out but Joshua Tree National Park gave us everything: sunset, full moon, cactus gardens, wildlife... and those insane trees.

Day 5

L.A. glitz, meet the San Bernardino Mountains

The Hollywood sign, a motel made of wigwams, an alpine lake picnic and a dusty desert drive, all within in a few hours. Plus some encouraging blood sugar signs.

Day 3

High winds block access to Channel Islands National Park

Fierce winds canceled all boats at Channel Islands National Park, but the visitor center was still worth it. And my blood sugars finally improved today.

Day 1

First impressions of America, from an outsider-insider

On Day 1 of this epic road trip, my reverse culture shock upon returning to the US asserted itself in some embarrassing ways. People still vape!

Day 0

One hour before leaving for the airport

My flight leaves in about four hours. I think I have everything finished but who can say. I'll find out when I get there and start the big USA road trip!

Twelve days until the trip. No I'm not ready yet.

With just days to go until my gigantic National Parks road trip I have almost no details planned. And that's just fine with me - makes it interesting.

How diabetes skills saved me a bunch of money on the car rental (video)

I didn't want to pay the full price for a 90-day car rental so I used my BG management skills to gradually find lower and lower prices. Here's the video.

Tough trip planning? Nothing a diabetic can't handle

Some trips take more planning but that's almost as much fun as traveling itself. Being diabetic complicates things more but gives you the tools to handle it.

Diabetes teaches you how to deal with extra nonsense

Some things are more complicated for diabetics than others. But that just makes it easier to handle problems and issues in other parts of life with aplomb.