The National Parks T1D Road Trip & Fundraiser

Thousands of miles across America to have fun and raise money for diabetes research at JDRF.
Today is Day 84!

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Colorful Mexico

Two weeks in central Mexico, wandering among the colorful patchwork buildings of hilly Guanajuato, the old silver mines and gargantuan church of Valenciana, the chaotic bustle of Mexico City, and the mystic messages from another time that sing in the wind blowing around Teotihuacán. Read about finding diabetes and other medical supplies from local pharmacies, handling a case of Montezuma’s Revenge, and calculating insulin for cow-brain tacos. Mm-mmm!

Articles: Mexico

Day 13

Avenue of the Dead and calves' brain tacos: Mexico City

How does a diabetic calculate insulin for calves' brain tacos? What about blood sugar after walking down the Avenue of the Dead? Mexico City has it all.

Day 10

Why you oughta visit Guanajuato, Mexico

How I handled diabetes in the hilly UNESCO town of Guanajuato, Mexico, and why you should drop everything and go there now!

Day 3

Valenciana: close to home but a world away

Valenciana, Mexico was not on the itinerary, but ending up in surprising places is one of the very best aspects of free, open traveling.

Day 0

How to waste money before the trip even starts

How I spent $400 extra dollars on a trip completely unnecessarily. I hope you have never wasted this much travel money before a trip even started.