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Today is Day 84!

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Want to travel but don’t have any time? With some perseverance, an open mind, and maybe a little luck and effort, you can probably find something nearby to satisfy your craving to explore. Here are some short day trips I’ve taken around Osaka, Japan, where I often stay when I’m not on some giant international excursion. Mini-travel is easy and fun, but it’s not necessarily easier on diabetes. Here are some reports from the short road.

Articles: Mini-travels

Video: diabetes mini-travel to Takayasuyama, Japan

Get inspired with my mini-travel video to Takayasuyama: a few hours on my day off exploring the mountains east of Osaka City. Had good blood sugars too.

Mini-traveling: Hankai Tramway in Osaka/Sakai

Another day of mini-travel took us to every station on both branches of the Hankai Tramway that runs between Osaka and Sakai. Blood sugars excellent the whole way.

Mini-traveling: Takayasuyama in Yao, Japan

Mini-traveling is when you go to an unknown place near your house at random. I went to a mountain called Takayasuyama near Osaka, Japan, and it was fantastic.