The National Parks T1D Road Trip & Fundraiser

Thousands of miles across America to have fun and raise money for diabetes research at JDRF.
Today is Day 84!

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Gear and packing

Some honest reviews of travel-related gear and diabetes supplies that any traveling ‘betic might find him- or herself using. Also see some of my own experiences packing for long trips, including keeping insulin cool and blood sugar meters safe. Do you wear an insulin pump or CGM, or are you thinking of traveling with them? See my thoughts and reviews of travel and diabetes gear here.

Articles: Gear

Take Dr. Bronner's soap and leave everything else at home

The guide to reducing the size and weight of your backpack by replacing all your toiletries with one item: Dr. Bronner's Magic Liquid Soap.

Why I don't want a continuous glucose monitor

The reasons I don't want to wear a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), even though other diabetics keep recommending them to me.

Scrubba wash bag travel review after 4 months in Europe

My review of the Scrubba wash bag after using it for laundry across Japan and Europe. Here's the good points and the bad points – and why I recommend it.

Compact packing: 400 blood sugar test strips

I had sixteen boxes of OneTouch Ultra strips for my three-month Europe trip, so I had to break them down into a compact size.