My appearance on the Diabetes Connections podcast

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“I went to the radio interview
But I ended up alone at the microphone”
—Neil Young

Stacey Simms, who runs the excellent Diabetes Connections podcast, was kind enough to invite me on to chat about my philosophies and experiences traveling the world with Type 1 diabetes, and living with it in Osaka, Japan.

diabetes-connections-podcast-logoIn our 30-minute conversation we talk about the difficulties, challenges, and psychological barriers many have when it comes to T1D travel.

It was a fun conversation and I hope you can get some perspective and inspiration out of it. Listen to it for free on iTunes here (October 13, 2015 episode) or in the player below. (It’s also available on other popular podcast services as well as Stacey’s Diabetes Connections website.)

Thanks to Stacey for working so hard on the podcast and for finding time to feature me. I highly recommend subscribing to the Diabetes Connection podcast to anyone who has T1D or knows someone with it. Each episode is a very positive and realistic look at different aspects of life with diabetes.

Stream the episode free:

Share your travel stories, give advice, or ask a question in the comments section.

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About the author

Jeremy has traveled to over 40 countries, taken several road trips across the United States (and Canada), and lived on and off in Japan for several years. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1982 but doesn't let a little thing like that stop him from exploring the world.

Jeremy writes about his travels with diabetes on as a way of logging his excursions and of inspiring others who might be feeling hesitant to take their own big bite out of life.

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My appearance on the Diabetes Connections podcast

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