The National Parks T1D Road Trip & Fundraiser

Thousands of miles across America to have fun and raise money for diabetes research at JDRF.
Today is Day 84!

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Diabetes & travel videos

Watch some videos about diabetes, traveling, or both. There’s some fun stuff here from Japan, Europe, and elsewhere to get you in the mood for your own travels and to show how you can feel fearless about exploring the world with diabetes. Or at least you’ll be entertained for a few minutes! Subscribe to the 70-130 YouTube channel for more.

Articles: Videos

Watch: "What is low blood sugar anyway?"

A simple video to explain what low blood sugar is and how it makes you feel, once and for all. Show it to your friends who don't quite understand being low.

Watch: "What is diabetes anyway?"

A quick and dirty video to explain the basics of diabetes to anyone you know who still doesn't seem to understand what T1D is all about.

Video: diabetes mini-travel to Takayasuyama, Japan

Get inspired with my mini-travel video to Takayasuyama: a few hours on my day off exploring the mountains east of Osaka City. Had good blood sugars too.

"What Can You Do With Diabetes?" video

I edited together this video of me with my OneTouch Ultra machine in some cool places across Europe.

Diabetes walk: Sennichimae subway line, Osaka (8.2 miles)

Watch this video of my blood sugars and general progress walking several miles through Osaka, Japan with type 1 diabetes.

Diabetes walk: Imazatosuji subway line, Osaka (9.2 miles)

Watch video of a Type 1 diabetic walking several miles with a blood sugar over 300 – dangerous, but an interesting experiment with exercise and BG.

Diabetes walk: Yotsubashi subway line, Osaka (7.4 miles)

Watch the video of a Type 1 diabetic's three-plus hour walk along Osaka's Yotsubashi line, with blood sugar checks and many, many juice breaks.

Diabetes walk: Nanko Port Town train line (5 miles)

Watch a Type 1 diabetic on a 5-mile walk in rural Osaka along a train line. See blood sugar checks, low BG snacks, and the ugly Osaka port area.

Watch "When Your Sugar's Good" diabetes music video

The world's first and still best diabetes music video! Shot on my iPhone 4 and featuring crazy blood sugar experiences around Osaka, Japan. Watch here.

Watch Osaka A to Z: Diabetes project video

Video montage of blood sugar checks at 26 places in Osaka, Japan from A to Z. All readings between 70 and 130 mg/dL. Watch it here and get inspired!