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Today is Day 84!

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Osaka train line walks

There are endless creative ways to get exercise, test the limits of diabetes, and see interesting new things. I walked along the routes of Osaka, Japan’s subway lines, wandering through obscure neighborhoods at street level while the subway rumbled below. As I arrived at each station I checked my blood sugar and noted how the long walks were affecting me. Here is the story of each line, with a compilation video of each walk.

Articles: Osaka train walks

Diabetes walk: Imazatosuji subway line, Osaka (9.2 miles)

Watch video of a Type 1 diabetic walking several miles with a blood sugar over 300 – dangerous, but an interesting experiment with exercise and BG.

Diabetes walk: Yotsubashi subway line, Osaka (7.4 miles)

Watch the video of a Type 1 diabetic's three-plus hour walk along Osaka's Yotsubashi line, with blood sugar checks and many, many juice breaks.

Diabetes walk: Nanko Port Town train line (5 miles)

Watch a Type 1 diabetic on a 5-mile walk in rural Osaka along a train line. See blood sugar checks, low BG snacks, and the ugly Osaka port area.