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Today is Day 84!

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Osaka A-Z project

I made a list of twenty-six places in and around Osaka, Japan from A to Z. Then I went to each place, checked my blood sugar, and took a selfie with my BG meter if the reading was between 70 and 130. (If not, I tried later.) The idea is to draw attention to the importance of knowing your BG and to the fun of travel and finding new places. Scroll to the bottom to watch the short compilation video of each location.

Articles: Osaka A to Z

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Arataki Waterfall

Arataki Waterfall is a lovely and obscure place deep in the southern Osaka mountains, and the first stop on my blood sugar-checking tour of Osaka, Japan.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Bara-en Rose Garden

The second letter – "B" – of my Diabetic Osaka A to Z photo project was a blood sugar reading taken at Bara-en Rose Garden in central Osaka City.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Chūō Kōkaidō Hall

The third stop on my A to Z Osaka diabetes photo project is stately Chūō Kōkaidō Hall, where my blood sugar was 103 as I squinted in the sun.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Dōtonbori

My blood sugar was low when I arrived at Dōtonbori, so I had to eat some chocolate and hope it would be between 70~130 for "D" in my Osaka A-Z project.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Expo Commemorative Park

Poor diabetes management didn't entirely sabotage my blood sugar photo op at Tower of the Sun, the huge bird-like monstrosity in north Osaka.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Ferry Terminal

It took four blood sugar checks in the space of an hour, but I did my best to get a reading between 70 and 130 at the Osaka Ferry Terminal one afternoon.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Genshouji-zaka

Not many Osakans know about the ancient steps of Genshouji-zaka in the middle of the city, but it's a nice "G" for my diabetes-themed Osaka A to Z project.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Hirakata Park

My next stop in Osaka for my diabetes photo project was Hirakata Park, an amusement park. My insulin choices were terrible but I made it to 70~130.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Ikune Shrine

Ikune Shrine in south Osaka site in the shadow of the larger Sumiyoshi Taisha, but my blood sugar check here was a great entry for "I".

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Jizo statues

Jizos are Japanese bodhisattva statues at shrines. Shi-tennoji in Osaka has an especially nice collection, a good backdrop for my blood sugar selfie.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Kaiyūkan Aquarium

Six blood sugar checks in three hours were almost all perfect, and my photo at Kaiyūkan aquarium is a nice step on my Diabetic Osaka A-Z project.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Lion Bridge

Lion Bridge (a.k.a. Naniwa Bridge) in Osaka City was my choice for "L" in my diabetes-themed Osaka A-Z project. A nice blood sugar on a nice evening!

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Maishima Sludge Center

The Dr. Seuss-like Maishima Sludge Center is a great backdrop for "M" in my A-Z project, but the bike ride there nearly killed me and my blood sugar.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Noma No Okeyaki

My next blood sugar selfie (for letter "N") was Noma No Okeyaki, a thousand-year-old tree in a beautiful but unknown part of rural Osaka Prefecture.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Osaka Castle

A night-time image at Osaka Castle of me with my blood sugar monitor proved an elusive but rewarding idea for Diabetic Osaka A to Z.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Palace of Naniwa

The ruins of the Palace of Naniwa became my "P" for the diabetes photo project, but I was 52 when I woke up and was barely over 70 at the site.

Diabetes Osaka A-Z: Q's Mall

I got this diabetes selfie with my blood sugar meter in front of Q's Mall in Tennoji for my Osaka A to Z photo project. BG was 117 too!

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Rakugo Theater

I got a sun-splashed photo of my with my OneTouch Ultra blood sugar machine in front of a Rakugo theater for my Diabetic Osaka A-Z project.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Senbonmatsu Bridge

Magnificently ugly, the majestic Senbonmatsu Bridge in the Osaka port is my entry for "S". My BGs were good despite the heat and exhaustion of biking there.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Tsūtenkaku

Tsūtenkaku tower in south Osaka is the symbol of gritty "deep Osaka", and the obvious choice for a place to take a blood sugar selfie for "T".

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Utsubokōen Park

My blood sugar selfie for "U" was in Utsubo Park in central Osaka, where the sunshine, flowers, and fountains made for an extremely pleasant time.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Viet Nam Consulate-General

To give my Osaka A to Z blood sugar selfie project some international flavor, "V" was at the Viet Nam Consulate-General in Sakai, just south of Osaka City.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Waterworks Memorial Hall

Waterworks Memorial Hall seemed all right online but when I visited for my Osaka A-Z project it was closed. Oh well; my blood sugar was good at 81.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: X-Wave

There's a building with a big "X" outside it in Umeda in Osaka – a great place for a blood sugar selfie in my Osaka A to Z project. Blood sugar was 102!

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Yodogawa Kyōryō Bridge

Yodogawa Kyōryō is a bridge in northeast Osaka City; I got a picture of me and my blood sugar machine on it while a train barreled right by.

Diabetic Osaka A-Z: Zuikō 4-chōme station

While shinkansens whizzed by overhead and a tuneless brass band curled my toes, I did my final blood sugar check for the Osaka A-Z project.

Watch Osaka A to Z: Diabetes project video

Video montage of blood sugar checks at 26 places in Osaka, Japan from A to Z. All readings between 70 and 130 mg/dL. Watch it here and get inspired!