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Today is Day 84!

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Get inspired

Love travel but need some inspiration? Read some stuff designed to inflame your passion for travel, focus your attitude towards diabetes, and nurture positive expectations about your future. Travel is the most instructive and exciting way to spend your time, and if you’re smart and patient, diabetes can’t stop you from doing anything or going anywhere. Out with the bad, in with the good!

Articles: Inspiration

Perfect blood sugars from Lithuania

Perfect blood sugar photos (between 70 and 130 mg/dL) from my trip to Lithuania. Don't ever forget that good diabetes control is always worth striving for.

Perfect blood sugars from Latvia

A few photos of perfect blood sugar readings from my trip through Latvia. These were all between 70 and 130 mg/dL. Not enough of them as you can see.

Perfect blood sugars from Estonia

Some examples of perfect blood sugar selfies from my exciting trip to Estonia. Diabetes isn't always perfect but then again sometimes it is.

Interview: Diabetes advocate Madeline Milzark

Interview with Madeline Milzark, an 18-year old Type 1 diabetic who was featured in a BBC story as an advocate for better diabetes understanding.

Traveling with diabetes supplies: My experiences

Tips and tales from a Type 1 diabetic world traveler who deals with immigration officials, pharmacies, and insulin, strips, and other weird-looking supplies.

16 photos that'll inspire you to visit Norway in winter

Sixteen photos from Norway in winter that will inspire you to cancel your own cold-weather plans and head north to see the stark beauty of the Arctic.

When a high blood sugar means excellent T1D control

The optimistic and true tale of how a blood sugar reading of 323 really meant that my Type 1 diabetes control was pretty perfect.

12 photos that'll inspire you to visit Cambodia

Look at twelve photos that will inspire you to drop everything and buy tickets to Cambodia in Southeast Asia. There's so much to see; get a taste here!

How to avoid getting too cozy with bad blood sugars

Just because you can get used to bad blood sugars doesn't mean you should. Avoid these diabetes pit falls and use the condition to improve your health.

12 photos that'll inspire you to visit Åland Islands

Get inspired to visit the little-known Åland Islands between Sweden and Finland with these 12 beautiful pictures that will add Åland to your to-go list.

14 photos that'll inspire you to visit Albania

Get inspired to visit Albania with 14 fascinating photos of the colorful, free life of the people and the joyous beauty of the Albanian landscape.

You miss everything if you travel too fast

Do you travel to see every sight you can? Or do you go slow and stay open to new experiences? Here's why travel should inspire rather than exhaust you.

14 photos that'll inspire you to visit Estonia

Fourteen photos that will inspire you to drop what you're doing and make plans to travel to Estonia, the beautiful and endlessly creative Baltic country.

Maybe a "regular" life isn't really for you

Read these inspiring tips about why a 9-to-5 office existence may not be for you, and how nature wants you to travel, and face challenges and adventures.

Don't be intimidated by diabetic success

Just because you've had several good BGs in a row, don't change your lifestyle trying to make the streak continue. Just live your life freely as always.

New Year's resolutions for Type 1 diabetics

A list of New Year's resolutions for Type 1 diabetics. See which ones fit you, and add your own ideas! What could you do better in the new year?

I don't "suffer from" diabetes – I just have it

I don't want to hear the phrase "suffering from diabetes" as if it were the same as "having diabetes" any more!

My appearance on the Diabetes Connections podcast

I was interviewed about traveling with Type 1 diabetes on the Diabetes Connections podcast. Listen to the whole thing for free here.

There's no such thing as a bucket list

It's a nice idea, but a real "bucket list" can't actually exist. Here's the philosophy of why... and why that's a good thing.

"What Can You Do With Diabetes?" video

I edited together this video of me with my OneTouch Ultra machine in some cool places across Europe.

Watch Osaka A to Z: Diabetes project video

Video montage of blood sugar checks at 26 places in Osaka, Japan from A to Z. All readings between 70 and 130 mg/dL. Watch it here and get inspired!