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Diabetes thoughts

Some miscellaneous thoughts about life with diabetes, whether or not you’re traveling with it. In this section you’ll find interviews with diabetics, essays about approaches to diabetes care, and even some philosophical musings about how diabetes changes everything… sometimes even for the better.

Articles: Diabetes thoughts

Diabetes morning syndrome and sleepy BGs

Can getting LESS sleep actually help diabetes morning syndrome (high morning sugars)? Try waking up without an alarm clock. It may fix it for you.

Trump stress and bad blood sugar: how to avoid it

Does Trump wreck your blood sugar? Here are some ways to care about what's happening but not let Trump stress destroy your diabetes health.

Diabetes doesn't lie about stress

Blood sugar can be an accurate marker of stress in your life. Here's how to use diabetes as a tool to reduce stress and improve your life.

Pump vs. injections: Three diabetics' experiences

Insulin pump or injections, which fits you better? Compare the experiences of three diabetics with different thoughts about getting insulin in their bodies.

A weekend without blood sugar strips: Oops!

A mini-diary from a weekend I spent with almost no blood sugar strips. Read how I guessed my way through my meals and shots and how it compared to checking.

Could you adjust to NOT having diabetes?

People think life would be stress-free if their diabetes were cured. But for a T1D since childhood it could be a difficult psychological adjustment.

Are you too set in your diabetic ways?

Learning to care for diabetes sometimes means getting used to routines that need to be revisited. It may be time to fine-tune your T1D thinking.

Interview: Diabetes advocate Madeline Milzark

Interview with Madeline Milzark, an 18-year old Type 1 diabetic who was featured in a BBC story as an advocate for better diabetes understanding.

Traveling with diabetes supplies: My experiences

Tips and tales from a Type 1 diabetic world traveler who deals with immigration officials, pharmacies, and insulin, strips, and other weird-looking supplies.

Is your traveling blood glucose monitor reliable?

If you have a rare problem with your blood glucose monitor while traveling, you'll be able to find a local replacement with some ingenuity and patience.

Alcohol vs. insulin: A remarkable one-week experiment

I swore off alcohol for a week and my blood sugars were nearly perfect the entire time. Even pizza couldn't derail my winning streak! Here's what happened.

When a high blood sugar means excellent T1D control

The optimistic and true tale of how a blood sugar reading of 323 really meant that my Type 1 diabetes control was pretty perfect.

How to avoid getting too cozy with bad blood sugars

Just because you can get used to bad blood sugars doesn't mean you should. Avoid these diabetes pit falls and use the condition to improve your health.

A secret blood sugar killer – vanquished

"Everything affects your blood sugar." How to isolate and overcome the one hidden thing that may be making your blood sugar consistently high.

Bad blood sugars? You haven't tried everything

If blood sugar isn't behaving no matter what, there is still more a diabetic can do. Go over this checklist to see what might be affecting your BG.

Nutrition info for diabetic travelers

A guide for diabetic travelers to unscrambling the nutrition info on low blood sugar snacks from other countries. Using Italian chocolates as an example.

Why I don't want an insulin pump

Nobody ever talks about the negative aspects of using an insulin pump. Here are the reasons some people think there may be NO actual benefits.

How much insulin for vegan food?

I had to balance my insulin shot and some vegan food at dinner the other night. Being a Type 1 diabetic teaches you so much about food and your body!

Get over your low blood glucose anxiety

Trying to avoid low blood sugars is part of diabetes, but being paranoid about it is foolish. Here's how to have an accurate, healthy attitude towards BG checks.

If diabetes were cured, would you go through with it?

If a cure for Type 1 diabetes actually is found, would you really sign up for it right away? Would you wait? Here are some questions you should consider.

Do you give nicknames to your blood sugars?

Type 1 diabetics see blood sugar numbers a lot. Here are some of my personal nicknames for different readings.

Merry Christmas from diabetic Santa Claus

Season's greetings from a Type 1 diabetic Santa Claus. Just checked my BG and it's 108!

Why I don't want a continuous glucose monitor

The reasons I don't want to wear a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), even though other diabetics keep recommending them to me.

iPhone diabetes apps reviews: Diabetes Kit vs. Glucose Buddy

Head-to-head iPhone diabetes apps reviews of Diabetes Kit and Glucose Buddy, with the good and bad of each and which one is best.

How much can you re-use insulin needles?

This macro photo of my insulin needle shows that even after 20 or so uses it's still smooth and sharp.

New injection site, much better blood sugars

If your blood sugar isn't behaving maybe your injection site is to blame. Here's how things can immediately improve by changing where you poke yourself.