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Welcome! I'm Jeremy, world traveler and Type 1 diabetic. Diabetes doesn't stop me — and it shouldn't stop you from doing anything you want.

Get diabetes travel tips for many destinations, follow my travels around the world with T1D, and get inspired to achieve your own dreams here!

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A weekend without blood sugar strips: Oops!

A mini-diary from a weekend I spent with almost no blood sugar strips. Read how I guessed my way through my meals and shots and how it compared to checking.


Could you adjust to NOT having diabetes?

People think life would be stress-free if their diabetes were cured. But for a T1D since childhood it could be a difficult psychological adjustment.

Pondering Indian food. I made it through with no highs by taking part of my shot after the meal.

August blood sugar report: Similar to July but fewer 70~130 readings

My August blood sugars were very similar to last month’s, but with more just outside the 70-130 mg/dL range. Here’s the detailed report. Data is good!


Are you too set in your diabetic ways?

Learning to care for diabetes sometimes means getting used to routines that need to be revisited. It may be time to fine-tune your T1D thinking.


Over 50,000 loops on my diabetes Vine videos

My “blood sugar guessing game” diabetes Vine videos have reached 50,000 loops. The response from other diabetics has been unexpected and very nice.


Interview: Diabetes advocate Madeline Milzark

Interview with Madeline Milzark, an 18-year old Type 1 diabetic who was featured in a BBC story as an advocate for better diabetes understanding.


July blood sugar stats: good numbers

An analysis of all my blood sugar readings from July 2016. I checked my poor little fingers 151 times, but the numbers were pretty good – enough to be proud of.


Traveling with diabetes supplies: My experiences

Tips and tales from a Type 1 diabetic world traveler who deals with immigration officials, pharmacies, and insulin, strips, and other weird-looking supplies.


June 2016 blood sugar stats: Too many highs

Why check BG if you don’t obsessively analyze them afterwards? Here’s the nerdy analysis of my own 140 readings from June 2016.


Is your traveling blood glucose monitor reliable?

If you have a rare problem with your blood glucose monitor while traveling, you’ll be able to find a local replacement with some ingenuity and patience.


May 2016 blood sugar stats: much excellence

With smarter insulin doses, I ate what I wanted in May but had better blood sugars than last month. Here’s how perseverance improves diabetes control!


Alcohol vs. insulin: A remarkable one-week experiment

I swore off alcohol for a week and my blood sugars were nearly perfect the entire time. Even pizza couldn’t derail my winning streak! Here’s what happened.