Day 9: Bus to Tartu with up-and-down blood sugar all day

OCT 30, 2014
We took a bus from Tallinn to Tartu, Estonia. My blood sugar was low and high all day.

Day 8: Russian market and Patarei prison in Tallinn, Estonia

OCT 28, 2014
One of the stranger days we've had on this trip so far. Patarei prison is beyond strange, and totally unforgettable.

Day 7: Relaxing on my birthday in Tallinn, Estonia and some more Old Town

OCT 27, 2014
Our second day in Tallinn was spent relaxing in the morning, then heading out in the afternoon for some shopping and some more walking around Old Town

Day 6: Walking around Old Town in Tallinn, Estonia

OCT 26, 2014
We arrived by ferry from the Åland Islands this morning and walked around Old Town all day. It's an amazing medieval place, really.

Day 5: Bomarsund and the ferry to Tallinn, Estonia

OCT 25, 2014
We checked out of our hotel at noon, but our ferry wasn't leaving until 1:00 am. So we spent a day goofing around Mariehamn and Bomarsund.

Day 4: Taking a day off in Mariehamn for laundry and relaxing

OCT 24, 2014
Sunday in Mariehamn is a quiet time indeed. We took the opportunity to do laundry and relax, and some self-catering.

Day 3: To Mariehamn, Åland Islands by ferry — and bad news from home

OCT 23, 2014
We took an early-morning ferry from Stockholm to the town of Mariehamn in the Åland Islands between Sweden and mainland Finland.

Day 2: Gamla Stan walking, eating, and injecting in Stockholm

OCT 22, 2014
We spent all day walking around Gamla Stan and some of the surrounding islands of Stockholm, Sweden. My BG was up and down but mostly good.

Day 1: Managing blood sugars on the airplane to Stockholm

OCT 17, 2014
I usually don't have good blood sugars while flying on planes, but I do try.

My packing list for backpacking three months in Europe in winter (with photos)

OCT 15, 2014
I tried to pack light for my trip to Europe, but three months in winter made it a challenge. This is my list, with photos and explanations.

High blood sugar after breakfast for no reason

OCT 5, 2014
I got very high blood sugar after a normal breakfast and a normal shot of Humalog, and I have no idea why and I didn't learn anything from it.

Scrubba travel laundry wash bag review and first impressions

SEP 20, 2014
My first impressions upon ordering my own lightweight Scrubba laundry wash bag. The air valve is broken but the bag works well otherwise.

Watching NFL games with Game Pass while traveling

SEP 18, 2014
A record of me watching the Atlanta Falcons NFL games on Game Pass, available to fans that are outside of America.

How to travel with 400 OneTouch Ultra test strips

SEP 17, 2014
I had sixteen boxes of OneTouch Ultra strips for my three-month Europe trip, so I had to break them down into a compact size.

My experiences trying to buy airline tickets from eDreams

SEP 16, 2014
I paid eDreams for airline tickets but didn't actually get any. I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company.

Walking 8.2 miles along the Sennichimae subway line in Osaka with diabetes

JUL 2, 2014
Watch this video of my blood sugars and general progress walking several miles through Osaka, Japan with type 1 diabetes.

Walking 9.2 miles along the Imazatosuji subway line in Osaka with diabetes

MAY 11, 2014
Despite a BG of 350 (!), I walked along the entire Imazatosuji subway line. This video shows my progress and BG readings along the way.

Walking 7.4 miles along the Yotsubashi subway line in Osaka with diabetes

MAY 4, 2014
My second Osaka walk was from one end of the Yotsubashi line to the other. Watch this video to see the experience.

Walking 5 miles along the Nanko Port Town train line in Osaka with diabetes

APR 28, 2014
I monitored my BG carefully as I walked along this train line. Watch this video for my progress, BG readings, and impressions along the way.

"When Your Sugar's Good" diabetes music video

AUG 16, 2013
My song/video tribute to having good BG readings. Improve your life in myriad unexpected ways!