Europe backpacking trip 2014

I'm backpacking through Eastern and Southern Europe with my travel partner Masayo. Each day I blog about what we did, and how my blood sugars and insulin dosages were in each place. Lots of photos and stories and #T1Dtravel experiences — read along!

Day 32: Feeling listless on our first day in Kraków, Poland

NOV 22, 2014
This was our first full day in Kraków. It was a very nice city but I didn't quite feel right all day.

Day 31: A long train ride all day from north Poland down to Kraków

NOV 21, 2014
Most of today was spent on a 9.5-hour train from Malbork to Kraków, Poland.

Day 30: Malbork Castle and overnight across the Nogat River

NOV 20, 2014
We took a train to Malbork, toured the castle, and then stayed in a small quiet hotel across the river with a castle view.

Day 29: Old Town and the Solidarity Monument in Gdańsk, Poland

NOV 19, 2014
The newly-rebuilt Old Town in Gdańsk is really nice, and the Solidarity Monument area on the edge of town is really interesting too.

Day 28: Taking a half-day off in Gdańsk, Poland

NOV 18, 2014
We decided to take a break and not do too much on our first full day in Gdańsk.

Day 27: One last slap in the face from Warsaw; we leave for Gdańsk

NOV 17, 2014
Our final hours in Warsaw proved disappointing as usual, but we left to go to Gdańsk and my BGs improved.

Day 26: Another not-great day in Warsaw — I give up on this city

NOV 16, 2014
The second day in Warsaw was shaping up to be better than the day before, but still didn't turn out particularly well.

Day 25: Bad day in Warsaw — and a new highest BG of the trip so far

NOV 15, 2014
The day started ok but degenerated into frustration and chaos on our first full day in Warsaw.

Day 24: Taking the bus from Kaunas, Lithuania to Warsaw, Poland

NOV 14, 2014
We spent the morning and afternoon in Kaunas waiting for our bus to Warsaw. It was a long ride and we were glad to be in a new country -- Poland.

Day 23: An extra day of devils and castles and rivers in Kaunas

NOV 13, 2014
Our extra day in Kaunas was excellent -- good BGs, and lots of interesting places and museums. Despite the rain.

Day 22: A day off in Kaunas when Masayo wasn't feeling well

NOV 12, 2014
Masayo hasn't been feeling well so we decided to spend today in Kaunas taking it easy and hanging around our room.

Day 21: Taking the bus from Šiauliai, Lithuania down to Kaunas

NOV 12, 2014
We left Šiauliai, having really enjoyed it, and headed to our last scheduled stop in Lithuania: Kaunas.

Day 20: Šiauliai and the Hill Of Crosses, and NINE blood sugar checks

NOV 10, 2014
We went to the Hill Of Crosses north of Šiauliai, Lithuania, and then walked around a cemetery and a nice lake at dusk.

Day 19: First train of the whole trip, and the highest blood sugar so far

NOV 9, 2014
We took the train from Vilnius, Lithuania, to Šiauliai. My BG was sort of OK until I ate a pizza, then it all went to hell.

Day 18: More Vilnius and Old Town, and out to Trakai Island Castle

NOV 8, 2014
We spent the morning and afternoon seeing some more of Old Town Vilnius, then rode out by car with Masayo's friend to see the Trakai Island Castle.

Day 17: Walking around Old Town Vilnius in a bad high-BG mood

NOV 7, 2014
We walked around Old Town Vilnius all day, but my BG was high, and everything was closed for All Saint's Day. Still, we loved it.

Day 16: Bus from Daugavpils, Latvia to Vilnius, Lithuania to see Masayo's friend

NOV 6, 2014
We went by bus from Daugavpils to Vilnius, and met up with a friend of Masayo's who lives here.

Day 15: Walking and tramming around Daugavpils, Latvia

NOV 5, 2014
We spent all day walking around and riding the tram around Daugavpils, Latvia.

Day 14: Taking the bus from Rīga to Daugavpils, Latvia

NOV 4, 2014
We rode a bus from Rīga to Daugavpils, and walked around the town a little bit to find dinner and figure out the layout.

Day 13: Walking around Old Town in Rīga, Latvia

NOV 3, 2014
We spent the day in Rīga's Old Town, and made plans for the next day.


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