Scrubba travel laundry wash bag review and first impressions

SEP 20, 2014
My first impressions upon ordering my own lightweight Scrubba laundry wash bag. The air valve is broken but the bag works well otherwise.

Watching NFL games with Game Pass while traveling

SEP 18, 2014
A record of me watching the Atlanta Falcons NFL games on Game Pass, available to fans that are outside of America.

How to travel with 400 OneTouch Ultra test strips

SEP 17, 2014
I had sixteen boxes of OneTouch Ultra strips for my three-month Europe trip, so I had to break them down into a compact size.

My experiences trying to buy airline tickets from eDreams

SEP 16, 2014
I paid eDreams for airline tickets but didn't actually get any. I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company.

Walking 8.2 miles along the Sennichimae subway line in Osaka with diabetes

JUL 2, 2014
Watch this video of my blood sugars and general progress walking several miles through Osaka, Japan with type 1 diabetes.

Walking 9.2 miles along the Imazatosuji subway line in Osaka with diabetes

MAY 11, 2014
Despite a BG of 350 (!), I walked along the entire Imazatosuji subway line. This video shows my progress and BG readings along the way.

Walking 7.4 miles along the Yotsubashi subway line in Osaka with diabetes

MAY 4, 2014
My second Osaka walk was from one end of the Yotsubashi line to the other. Watch this video to see the experience.

Walking 5 miles along the Nanko Port Town train line in Osaka with diabetes

APR 28, 2014
I monitored my BG carefully as I walked along this train line. Watch this video for my progress, BG readings, and impressions along the way.

"When Your Sugar's Good" diabetes music video

AUG 16, 2013
My song/video tribute to having good BG readings. Improve your life in myriad unexpected ways!

What changing my insulin injection site has done for my diabetes

AUG 2, 2013
Some thoughts on changing my insulin injection site to the legs after years in the stomach.

[PRESS RELEASE] Video Inspires Diabetics to Control Blood Sugar

JUL 22, 2013
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 22, 2013 - Diabetics are being challenged to keep blood glucose levels under control by a unique video recently uploaded to YouTube. The three-minute clip, called "70-130 Osaka", shows a Type 1 diabetic traveling to various spots in Japan with a blood glucose meter, and has...

Osaka A-Z video: A diabetes trip around Osaka, Japan

JUL 16, 2013
Video montage of me checking my BG at twenty-six locations, from A to Z, around Osaka, Japan. All readings between 70 and 130 mg/dL

Osaka A-Z: Zuiko 4-chome subway station, Imazato Line

JUL 13, 2013
Location: Zuiko 4-chome subway station (瑞光四丁目駅) BG: 115 mg/dL (6.39 mmol/L) Previous: Yodogawa Kyoryo Bridge There aren't too many choices for "Z" 'round these parts, although "Z" does exist in transliterated Japanese (the word zen is Japanese, after all). Most of the Z's I found were names of stores, which...

Osaka A-Z: Yodogawa Kyoryo Bridge

JUL 12, 2013
Location: Yodogawa Kyoryo Bridge (淀川橋梁) BG: 90 mg/dL (5.00 mmol/L) Previous: X-Wave The "Y" in my 70-130 Osaka project is the Yodogawa Kyoryo Bridge, commonly called Akagawa no Tekkyō by locals. It is an old bridge crossing the Yodogawa River just northeast of Umeda, and is divided down the middle...

Osaka A-Z: X-Wave building in Umeda

JUL 11, 2013
Location: X-Wave (クロスウエーブ) BG: 102 mg/dL (5.67 mmol/L) Previous: Waterworks Memorial Hall "X" is another one of those letters in Japan — it hardly exists even in English, and really doesn't in anglicized Japanese. (They split it into a K and an S, sorta.) So I had to get creative...

Osaka A-Z: Waterworks Memorial Hall

JUL 10, 2013
Location: Waterworks Memorial Hall (水道記念館) BG: 81 mg/dL (4.50 mmol/L) Previous: Viet Nam Consulate-General There are a few choices in Osaka Prefecture for "W" for my 70-130 Osaka project, but the Waterworks Memorial Hall seemed like a good place to get a photo. I'd never heard of it before starting...

Osaka A-Z: Viet Nam Consulate-General building in Sakai

JUL 9, 2013
Location: Viet Nam Consulate-General (ベトナム総領事館) BG: 79 mg/dL (4.39 mmol/L) Previous: Utsubokoen Park "V" is another of those difficult letters in Japan — in Japanese, there is no V sound, so no Japanese places transliterate with a V (even foreign V-words transliterate into a "B", for example Vietnam=betonamu). So, I...

Osaka A-Z: Utsubokoen Park and fountains

JUL 8, 2013
Location: Utsubokoen Park (靭公園) BG: 101 mg/dL (5.61 mmol/L) Previous: Tsutenkaku Tower Utsubokoen (Utsubo Park) is a nice park in the north-central part of Osaka city that has been recently redone. It's full of flowers, a stream, and little paths, and it's been a favorite place of mine to go...

Osaka A-Z: Tsutenkanku Tower in Ebisu

JUL 6, 2013
Location: Tsutenkaku Tower (通天閣) BG: 115 mg/dL (6.39 mmol/L) Previous: Senbonmatsu Bridge Tsutenkaku is a tower in south Osaka, and is considered a symbol — perhaps even the symbol — of real, deep Osaka. The current Tsutenkaku is a 1940s-era rebuilt version; the first version burned in a fire during...

Osaka A-Z: Senbonmatsu Bridge, triple-loop bridge in southwest Osaka city

JUL 5, 2013
Location: Senbonmatsu Bridge (千本松大橋) BG: 125 mg/dL (6.94 mmol/L) Previous: Rakugo theater One of my favorite things in Osaka is a large bridge in the south port area that has a triple loop on either side, and actually has a pedestrian/bike path on it. I found it by accident when...

Osaka A-Z: Rakugo theater, Tenma-Tenjin Hanjoutei

JUL 3, 2013
Location: Rakugo Theater, Tenma-Tenjin Hanjoutei (天満天神繁昌亭) BG: 94 mg/dL (5.22 mmol/L) Previous: Q's Mall For "R", I chose a rakugo theater in central Osaka for the 70-130 project. The name of the theater is actually Tenma-Tenjin Hanjoutei, but I have another idea for "T" so, "R"akugo theater it is! I...

Osaka A-Z: Q's Mall in Tennoji/Abeno

JUL 2, 2013
Location: Q's Mall BG: 117 mg/dL (6.50 mmol/L) Previous: Palace of Naniwa "Q" is a hard-to-come-by letter in Japan; when transliterating Japanese into English, there is no Q (it would be ku with a K). But there is a place with the English name "Q's Mall", so I think that's...

Osaka A-Z: Palace of Naniwa site

JUL 1, 2013
Location: Palace of Naniwa site (浪速宮) BG: 76 mg/dL (4.22 mmol/L) Previous: Osaka Castle There are a few choices around Osaka Prefecture for "P" for the 70-130 BG project but I really like the ruins of the Palace of Naniwa — it's properly called "Naniwa Palace" (Naniwa-miya) but I already...

Osaka A-Z: Osaka Castle at night

JUN 30, 2013
Location: Osaka Castle (大阪城) BG: 105 mg/dL (5.83 mmol/L) Previous: Noma no Okeyaki There are many, many choices for "O" for my A to Z project, but my first choice is Osaka Castle. I've always liked the castle — it's big and distinctive, it symbolizes the city, and it's built...

Osaka A-Z: Noma no Okeyaki big 1000-year-old tree

JUN 30, 2013
Location: Noma no Okeyaki (野間の大ケヤキ) BG: 119 mg/dL (6.61 mmol/L) Previous: Maishima Sludge Center Even many Osakans don't know about the tree called Noma no Okeyaki in far northern Osaka Prefecture. It's over 1000 years old, and is the biggest tree in Japan that is owned by a temple. Quite...

Osaka A-Z: Maishima Sludge Center in the Osaka Port

JUN 28, 2013
Location: Maishima Sludge Center (舞洲スラッジセンター) BG: 126 mg/dL (7.00 mmol/L) Previous: Lion Bridge The weird and wonderful Maishima Sludge Center, two uniquely designed buildings on an island in the Osaka Port area, is an obvious and extremely photogenic choice for "M" in the 70-130 Osaka project. The only thing about...

Osaka A-Z: Lion Bridge (Naniwa Bridge), Nakanoshima

JUN 28, 2013
Location: Lion Bridge (ライオン橋) BG: 80 mg/dL (4.44 mmol/L) Previous: Kaiyukan aquarium The Naniwa Bridge (難波橋) crosses the Okawa ("Big River") in Kitahama, central Osaka, leading to the south edge of the small river island of Nakanoshima (where I already got photos of the Bara-en Rose Garden and the Chuo...

Osaka A-Z: Kaiyukan aquarium (penguin tank)

JUN 27, 2013
Location: Kaiyukan aquarium (海遊館) BG: 75 mg/dL (4.17 mmol/L) Previous: Jizo statues There is a large and famous aquarium in western Osaka city called "Kaiyukan", and it is an obvious choice for "K" for the 70-130 Osaka blood glucose photo project. It is an embarrassment of riches, the aquarium, with...

Osaka A-Z: Jizo statues at Shi-tennoji Shrine

JUN 26, 2013
Location: Jizo statues, Shi-tennoji Shrine (地蔵堂、四天王寺) BG: 85 mg/dL (4.72 mmol/L) Previous: Ikune Shrine Shi-tennoji Shrine is a big Buddhist place near Tennoji in Osaka. There are festivals and events there, and it is one of the most important shrines in this area of Japan. And they have a whole...

Osaka A-Z: Ikune Shrine near Sumiyoshi-taisha

JUN 25, 2013
Location: Ikune Shrine (生根神社) BG: 79 mg/dL (4.39 mmol/L) Previous: Hirakata Park Ikune Shrine is a little-known place just a couple hundred feet from the far more well-known Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine in south Osaka. It's quiet, it's out-of-the-way, and it starts with "I". Perfect for 70-130 Osaka. I woke up...

Osaka A-Z: Hirakata Park, amusement park front gate

JUN 24, 2013
Location: Hirakata Park (枚方公園) BG: 122 mg/dL (6.78 mmol/L) Previous: Genshouji-zaka The next stop in the alphabet is "H", and I went to Hirakata-koen (Hirakata Park) to get my BG machine photo. Hirakata Park is actually an amusement park up the Keihan train line in northeast Osaka. This was one...

Osaka A-Z: Genshouji-zaka, old street and stone steps

JUN 24, 2013
Location: Genshouji-zaka (源聖寺坂) BG: 85 mg/dL (4.72 mmol/L) Previous: Ferry Terminal Genshouji-zaka was a pretty simple photo to get for 70-130 Osaka — my BG was 189 when I left my house, I took three units of Humalog, and was 85 when I got to the place. In fact, after...

Osaka A-Z: Ferry Terminal

JUN 23, 2013
Location: Ferry Terminal (フェリーターミナル) BG: 115 mg/dL (6.39 mmol/L) Previous: Expo '70 Commemorative Park I headed out to the Ferry Terminal in Osaka Port, from which ferries go to Shikoku, Kyushu, and I believe even South Korea. And other places, I'm sure. I wasn't going anywhere myself — just looking...

Osaka A-Z: Expo '70 Commemorative Park

JUN 23, 2013
Location: Expo '70 Commemorative Park (万博記念公園) BG: 110 mg/dL (6.11 mmol/L) Previous: Dotonbori The famous Tower of the Sun, at a large park commemorating the Expo that was held at the location in 1970, is one of the more curious landmarks in Osaka, for obvious reasons. I like to think...

Osaka A-Z: Dotonbori

JUN 21, 2013
Location: Dotonbori (道頓堀) BG: 79 mg/dL (4.39 mmol/L) Previous: Chuo Kokaido Hall Although it was a day of bad BGs, in the evening I decided to bike down to Dotonbori to try to get the shot there. I was 155 beforehand, but took no insulin. It was a 20-minute bike...

Osaka A-Z: Chuo Kokaido Hall

JUN 21, 2013
Location: Chuo Kokaido Hall (中央公会堂) BG: 103 mg/dL (5.72 mmol/L) Previous: Bara-en Rose Garden The Chuo Kokaido building is a public hall on Nakanoshima. It is near the Bara-en Rose Garden. It was cheating a little, but after getting a photograph of my blood sugar machine there, I headed right...

Osaka A-Z: Bara-en Rose Garden

JUN 20, 2013
Location: Bara-en Rose Garden (バラ園) BG: 120 mg/dL (6.67 mmol/L) Previous: Arataki Waterfall I checked my blood sugar in various parts of the Rose Garden at Nakanoshima in central Osaka, trying to get a good shot for the 70-130 project. I finally decided on the photo here, where my BG...

Osaka A-Z: Arataki Waterfall in Kawachinagano

JUN 20, 2013
Location: Arataki Waterfall (荒滝) BG: 93 mg/dL (5.17 mmol/L) Previous: Introduction And the project starts with "A"! Arataki Waterfall was one of the prettiest places I chose for the 70-130 project. Deep in the mountains of southern Osaka Prefecture, the weather was cool, the only sounds were flowing water and...

70-130 Osaka introduction: A blood glucose A to Z adventure

JUN 20, 2013
As a Type 1 diabetic, I think having good blood sugar is very important and makes one feel much better day to day, not to mention the importance of avoiding unnecessary complications. And I like the place I live in, Osaka, Japan. So I made a list of places within...