70-130 Diabetes Travel

Experiences, Photos, and Inspiration from Jeremy Larsen

May 2016 blood sugar stats: much excellence

With smarter insulin doses, I ate what I wanted in May but had better blood sugars than last month. Here's how perseverance improves diabetes control!


Alcohol vs. insulin: A remarkable one-week experiment

I swore off alcohol for a week and my blood sugars were nearly perfect the entire time. Even pizza couldn't derail my winning streak! Here's what happened.


Tips for traveling in Japan with diabetes

Tips on getting the most out of a trip to Japan with diabetes. Info on food and insulin, getting and carrying supplies, and communicating in Japanese.


Mini-travel: Akashi, Japan and octopus blood sugar

A day of eating octopus balls and guessing insulin doses in Akashi. Blood sugar got low but I evened it out. And saw the oldest stone lighthouse in Japan!


Tips for traveling to China with diabetes

Tips for traveling to China with diabetes. Travel safely and smoothly with these tips on insulin, blood sugar, food, and supplies in this vast country.


A postcard from an online diabetes friend

A diabetic I met on Instagram sent me a postcard offering words of support but also some very specific travel inspiration. Thanks Breonna!


Tips for traveling to Vietnam with diabetes

Tips for getting the most out of a trip to the beautiful country of Vietnam with diabetes. Info on blood sugars, insulin, food, and staying safe with T1D.

Angry me with flower pot in Ptuj

April 2016 blood sugar stats – for T1D nerds

I checked my blood sugar 140 times in April, and made up all kinds of nerdy stats charts for them. See some improvements but also things to work on.


Tips for traveling to Cambodia with diabetes

Tips on staying safe and healthy when visiting the mighty Kingdom of Cambodia with diabetes. Keep insulin cool and your blood sugars in range.


16 photos that’ll inspire you to visit Norway in winter

Sixteen photos from Norway in winter that will inspire you to cancel your own cold-weather plans and head north to see the stark beauty of the Arctic.


Tips for traveling to Thailand with diabetes

Advice on traveling around lovely and inviting Thailand with diabetes. Remember these tips on food, insulin, T1D supplies, and staying healthy.


When a high blood sugar means excellent T1D control

The optimistic and true tale of how a blood sugar reading of 323 really meant that my Type 1 diabetes control was pretty perfect.

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