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I'm backpacking through Eastern and Southern Europe with my travel partner Masayo. Each day I blog about what we did, and how my blood sugars and insulin dosages were in each place. Lots of photos and stories and #T1Dtravel experiences — read along!

Day 60: A day in Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia

DEC 20, 2014
Today we took it easy and walked around Ptuj a little, which is a small town dominated by a hilltop castle and a particularly lovely river.

Day 59: Going by train from Balatongyörök, Hungary to Ptuj, Slovenia

DEC 19, 2014
We left Hungary today, on a series of trains that took us to Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia.

Day 58: A bike ride to see and climb Szigliget Castle

DEC 18, 2014
We rode bicycles from our room in Balatangyörök about 10 km to Szigliget to see the castle under sunny skies.

Day 57: From Budapest by train down to Balatongyörök, beside Lake Balaton

DEC 17, 2014
Our next stop on the journey is Balatangyörök, a tiny village next to Keszthely beside the giant Hungarian lake of Balaton.

Day 56: Strolling around the Buda side of Budapest to see the castle and the Danube River

DEC 16, 2014
After our rest day, Masayo and I headed over on foot from our room across the Danube to see the castle and other sites of Budapest.

Hotel booking websites offer suggestions several miles from my destination

DEC 15, 2014
Why do room booking websites give me options in hotels that are miles away from the town I'm going to?

Day 55: A long day off in Budapest, Hungary to recuperate

DEC 15, 2014
Today was a nice long day off, hanging around the room and doing very, very little. Except watch the Falcons lose.

Day 54: Another cave tour, a bus to Budapest, and a new highest BG of the trip

DEC 14, 2014
We saw the Vörös-tó and Jósvafő cave tour, then got a bus all the way to Budapest. In the evening, pizza gave me the highest BG I've had on this

Day 53: A day of spelunking and liquor in Aggtelek, Hungary

DEC 13, 2014
We took a tour of part of the Baradla-Domica cave system near Aggtelek, Hungary. For dinner, we had liquor, chicken, liquor, rice, and liquor.

Day 52: Crossing from Slovakia in northeastern Hungary

DEC 12, 2014
We killed several hours in Humenné, Slovakia in the afternoon, then caught some trains for the city of Miskolc in Hungary, our ninth country of the t

Day 51: A side trip to see the wooden church in Kalná Roztoka, Slovakia

DEC 11, 2014
We hadn't seen any of the famous wooden churches of Poland and Slovakia so we finally took a trip to Kalná Roztoka to see theirs.

Day 50: Getting trapped in lovely surroundings in the High Tatras cable cars

DEC 10, 2014
Definitely one of the highlights so far for me: we went to the top of the Tatras Mountains to see the frozen wintery mountaintops. But the cable car g

Day 49: Finally, a trip to go walk around Spiš Castle

DEC 9, 2014
We got a bus from Levoča to see Spiš Castle today. It was closed for the season but we still loved the views of the magnificent, ancient place.

Day 48: A snowy day hanging around Levoča, Slovakia

DEC 8, 2014
Our plans to visit a castle didn't pan out so we hung around all day in Levoča, where snow fell most of the day.

Day 47: A scenic train ride through the Tatras Mountains of Slovakia

DEC 7, 2014
We left Bratislava and took a train between the Low and High Tatras Mountains today, and ended up in Levoča.

Day 46: The Danube River and ice skating in Bratislava

DEC 6, 2014
We walked around Bratislava's Historic Town Center some today in the drizzling rain, saw the Danube, and even tried ice skating.

Day 45: Leaving the Czech Republic and arriving in Bratislava, Slovakia — twice!

DEC 5, 2014
We left Český Krumlov by bus and ended up on a train from Brno across the Slovakian border and the capital, Bratislava.

Day 44: Slowly getting better in Český Krumlov and walking around the castle

DEC 4, 2014
I finally started to really improve today. The fever is gone and we walked all around the castle and the town of Český Krumlov.

Day 43: I finally get full-on sick as we move from Prague to Český Krumlov

DEC 3, 2014
After a difficult time getting out of Prague, we arrived in the small hilly town of Český Krumlov. I spent all afternoon sleeping, as I felt bad.

Day 42: A visit to Vyšehrad fortress in Prague, and a deflating rip-off at dinner

DEC 2, 2014
Our extra bonus day in Prague was spent walking around the cold Vyšehrad, though I was still not feeling well. We went to a restaurant for dinner tha


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