Traveling with Type 1 diabetes

"Diabetes can't stop you from going wherever you want." I don't just say this to you — I prove it. Follow my experiences traveling with Type 1 diabetes here — and get inspired to embark on your own travels.

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Europe trek 2014-2015

I traveled for over four months — 131 days, to be exact — through several European countries over 2014-2015. I started in Sweden, went down through the Baltics, then parts of Eastern and Central Europe, the Balkans, and finally to Norway. I kept a daily travelogue here, with details of what I did and saw, and how I handled diabetes during the trip. Lots of photos of my blood sugars [...]

Video montage of my BGs on the Europe 2014-2015 trip

Watch my video montage here of my trip across Europe 2014-2015. It shows me with my blood glucose monitor in front of some interesting places I visited. Do watch all the way to the end for a special message! As I roamed through Europe with Masayo, every now and [...]

Day 131: The flight home from Norway after the trip

The morning sun hits our faces on the plane as we leave Bodø, and Europe, for America Today was the flight home: our European trip over, it's time to go to the United States for Masayo and I to visit my family for a few weeks before returning to Japan [...]

Day 130: A view over Bodø and the Northern Lights on the last day of the trip

Northern Lights and part of an island, taken from the pier in Bodø, Norway on our last night in Europe. So it's come to this: after 130 days and 18 countries, hundreds of insulin injections and BG checks, and a varied and exciting range of towns and cities, today was [...]

Videos: Walking the train lines of Osaka

I have followed several train and subway lines in Osaka on foot, in an effort to get some exercise, learn how to exhaust my body yet maintain good BG, and to visit some parts of Osaka I wouldn't otherwise see, all at a leisurely pace. For each walk, I took photos and videos and recorded my BGs, food intake, and impressions of the neighborhoods I passed through. I learned a [...]

Walking 8.2 miles along the Sennichimae subway line in Osaka with diabetes

Here is a video montage of my progress walking 8.2 miles through the city of Osaka, Japan, on the streets that pass above the Sennichimae underground subway line. The walk took 4 hours, and when it started I was a little high (as seen in the video). During the whole [...]

Walking 9.2 miles along the Imazatosuji subway line in Osaka with diabetes

For the third walk along an Osaka subway line, I went to the Imazatosuji line, at the time Osaka's newest subway line and, at 7.4 miles, the same exact length as the Yotsubashi line, which I'd walked a few days before. This one had some problems, though. Most concerning of [...]

Walking 7.4 miles along the Yotsubashi subway line in Osaka with diabetes

My second long walk in my Osaka subway project was the Yotsubashi line, which runs from Suminoe-koen station in the south to Nishi-Umeda in the north part of Osaka city. My first walk, along the 5-mile Nanko Port Town line, took about two and a half hours; this 7.4 mile [...]

Osaka, Japan A to Z

I picked twenty-six places in and around Osaka, Japan, where I live as an English teacher, from A to Z. Over the course of a few weeks I traveled to each place and took a live blood sugar reading on the spot. If it was between 70 and 130, it was usable; if not, I had to come back. Just something fun to do on my days off [...]

Osaka A-Z video: A diabetes trip around Osaka, Japan

I made a list of twenty-six places around Osaka, Japan — from A to Z. Then I went to each one, checked my BG, and took some video of me at each place with my monitor. I edited it together into a video montage, with some original music I created [...]

Osaka A-Z: Zuiko 4-chome subway station, Imazato Line

Location: Zuiko 4-chome subway station (瑞光四丁目駅) BG: 115 mg/dL (6.39 mmol/L) Previous: Yodogawa Kyoryo Bridge There aren't too many choices for "Z" 'round these parts, although "Z" does exist in transliterated Japanese (the word zen is Japanese, after all). Most of the Z's I found were names of stores, which [...]

Osaka A-Z: Yodogawa Kyoryo Bridge

Location: Yodogawa Kyoryo Bridge (淀川橋梁) BG: 90 mg/dL (5.00 mmol/L) Previous: X-Wave The "Y" in my 70-130 Osaka project is the Yodogawa Kyoryo Bridge, commonly called Akagawa no Tekkyō by locals. It is an old bridge crossing the Yodogawa River just northeast of Umeda, and is divided down the middle [...]