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with diabetes

Angry me with flower pot in Ptuj

April 2016 blood sugar stats – for T1D nerds

I checked my blood sugar 140 times in April, and made up all kinds of nerdy stats charts for them. See some improvements but also things to work on.


Tips for traveling to Cambodia with diabetes

Tips on staying safe and healthy when visiting the mighty Kingdom of Cambodia with diabetes. Keep insulin cool and your blood sugars in range.


16 photos that’ll inspire you to visit Norway in winter

Sixteen photos from Norway in winter that will inspire you to cancel your own cold-weather plans and head north to see the stark beauty of the Arctic.


Tips for traveling to Thailand with diabetes

Advice on traveling around lovely and inviting Thailand with diabetes. Remember these tips on food, insulin, T1D supplies, and staying healthy.


When a high blood sugar means excellent T1D control

The optimistic and true tale of how a blood sugar reading of 323 really meant that my Type 1 diabetes control was pretty perfect.


Tips for traveling to Malaysia with diabetes

Tips for getting the most out of a trip to Malaysia when you have diabetes. Read food, insulin and blood sugar advice and learn to travel without fear.


12 photos that’ll inspire you to visit Cambodia

Look at twelve photos that will inspire you to drop everything and buy tickets to Cambodia in Southeast Asia. There's so much to see; get a taste here!


Tips for traveling to Norway with diabetes

Tips for traveling in Norway with diabetes, including information about food, insulin, and travel while exploring the beauty of the Norwegian landscape.


How to avoid getting too cozy with bad blood sugars

Just because you can get used to bad blood sugars doesn't mean you should. Avoid these diabetes pit falls and use the condition to improve your health.


Tips for traveling to Montenegro with diabetes

Guide to surviving a trip to Montenegro with diabetes. Info about food and insulin and tips for maintaining the best blood sugar possible in Montenegro.


12 photos that’ll inspire you to visit Åland Islands

Get inspired to visit the little-known Åland Islands between Sweden and Finland with these 12 beautiful pictures that will add Åland to your to-go list.


Tips for traveling to Albania with diabetes

Tips for traveling to Albania with diabetes. Survival guide with info about Albanian food, blood sugar checks, and communication for diabetic travelers.